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What Matters Most

Is God in the center of your life or do you find yourself trying to fit Him in wherever you can? You answered the Holy Spirit’s call and accepted the greatest gift known to man. You attend various church functions and feel you are doing your part, but here is a question for you. Do you know what Christ told His disciples before His ascension which was utmost on His mind? It is recorded in Matthew 28:18-20 with verse 19 being the main focus “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This requires growth and allowing God to change your heart to desire to live for Him. Discipleship is the platform that God uses to transform our hearts and mold them into something He can easily use for His glory. We invite you to join Kevin and Danny as we venture into God’s ultimate plan for daily life lived out for His glory. The book we will be using is “What Matters Most,” by Dr. Tony Evans. Eric Burns will be teaching this class.


Living, Loving, Learning: Evangelism Explosion

Does the thought of "doing" evangelism make you uneasy? Do you feel that outreach is primarily the responsibility of paid staff at your church? Let this Bible-based method of friendship evangelism and discipleship equip and encourage you and your entire church to accept Christ's Great Commission! Participants will learn how to naturally share the gospel and disciple new believers. Come join this Life Group led by Kevin Ballew and Danny Stalliviere as we prepare to “Reach the lost, regardless the cost,” for Jesus Christ. This group will meet at times other than Sunday morning as well.



Ezekiel-continued from last quarter

What can you do when the world's gone sideways, and corruption, darkness, and wickedness are everywhere? The prophet Ezekiel spoke at the darkest point in Israel's history, with warnings of judgment on the unrighteous and hope for the faithful. God showed him wonderous visions so that he, his fellow exiles, and even you and me now - will know that He is the LORD. J.W. Yearsley is leading this class.


Standard Class: Justice and the Prophets

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! - Amos 5:24 This quote was used recently in a hearing. It was meant to be an impassioned plea to find guilt. The speaker was aiming it at one person but if you read the whole chapter you will see that it was a discussion of the people of Israel as a whole. When we find ourselves in frustrating circumstances and we begin to question why God seems to ignore us and yet bless the wicked, we need to remember why we follow God.  Then we can look at history and realize that God does bless His children.  Sometimes it is not in the ways that we would want and often it is in ways that we don’t realize.  Likewise, God does not ignore the wickedness of those around us who appear to prosper. Join us in the study of Justice and the Prophets. Byran Best is leading this class.


Women’s Class: 1st and 2nd Thessalonians and Titus

When most of us think of Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, we think of the End Times. After all, these epistles contain teachings on the Rapture, the rise of the Lawless One, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ.  However, there is so much more for us in these beautiful letters, a message about faithfully following Jesus Christ as He leads believers into maturity.  We hope you will join us during the Spring Quarter as we study First and Second Thessalonians and Titus.  Joyce Yearsley and Abi Ririe are teaching this class.


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