Sunday mornings

9:00 ~ 10:00 a.m.

Women’s Class: 1st Samuel

Ladies, you might remember that a couple of quarters ago, we studied 2 Samuel. What you might remember best is that it was a profoundly graphic and gory book, full of wickedness and treachery, with a couple of sunshiny chapters (think Davidic Covenant).  So, for the winter quarter, we are going to tackle 2 Samuel’s predecessor, 1 Samuel. First Samuel gives us the back story of how David became the king of Israel and why they even had a king in the first place. We will see miracles, battles, giants, ghosts.  What’s not to like?  Come and join us! Abi Ririe and Joyce Yearsley are leading this class.  Come and join us!

Living, Loving, Learning

Discipleship is more than learning how to follow Jesus, it’s about actively following Him. It’s time to be intentional with what we’ve learned and practice walking in the truth regardless of where you are in your spiritual growth. Come join us as we learn how to live in fellowship with one another and show God’s love to our community. We will be doing a monthly service project and there will be a strong encouragement to fellowship weekly with other classmates outside of the morning church service. Whether or not you’ve attended the prior discipleship classes we challenge you to step up and “Follow Him.” Kevin Ballew and Daniel Stalliviere will be leading this class.


What can you do when the world's gone sideways, and corruption, darkness, and wickedness are everywhere? The prophet Ezekiel spoke at the darkest point in Israel's history, with warnings of judgment on the unrighteous and hope for the faithful. God showed him wondrous visions so that he, his fellow exiles, and even you and me now - will know that He is the LORD. J.W. Yearsley is leading this class.


Standard Class

The winter quarter of the Standard Class will focus on our task, our responsibility and our privilege of HONORING GOD.  Why should we do this? How should we do this?  We will search through the Old Testament books of 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke to find our answers.  Prepare for some lively discussions! Byran Best is leading this class.




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