With Great Power...

Author: JW Yearsley

"With great power must come... great responsibility!" - Spider-Man (Stan Lee)

Spiderman image belongs to Marvel Comics

With those words, Spider-Man graduates from being just a teenager with powers granted by a radioactive spider, to a full-fledged superhero. All superheroes eventually run into that big question - not how to use their powers, but why they use them. Do they profit off of them? Should they amass even more power? Should they become famous, so everyone knows and cheers (or fears) their name?

I said that every believer in Jesus is a superhero; because they have the Holy Spirit, who gives spiritual gifts. But what do we do with these gifts, these powers? What benefit do we gain from them? The church in Corinth was filled with people who thought the benefit was that everyone would look at them. They showed off, especially with the "flashy" sign gifts. One of the Apostle Paul's big reasons for writing his first letter to them was to show them they were wrong - that they were given those gifts for a different reason.

We have great power - and we have great responsibility. We need to use our gift - God has entrusted us with it, and He means for us to use it. Our purpose should be His purpose - the use of His gifts to show His love. The famous "love" chapter in 1 Corinthians is right in the middle of the section about gifts - it's about using those gifts in full, real love. And that love is not a wishy-washy feeling - it is a commitment and a decision to seek the absolute best for others - just as He Himself did, still does, and will always continue to.


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