Uphill Battle

Author: Keisha Colson

Image from: http://crossfitaggieland.com/wod/plateau-worse-than-valley/

Spiritual warfare. Friends or family members who seem uninterested in

spiritual things.

Perhaps it would be easiest to take a “coasting” approach to life, preferably,

slightly downhill. Those people with lots of energy might actually go looking for

mountains to climb and challenges to take on. (Where did Caleb, at age 85, get

all of his energy anyway (Joshua 14)?!

As one is inching his/her way up the hill, they might wonder if they are really

making progress, or actually sliding backward a little? Are those rocks (or

possibly even boulders) that are hurtling down the hill toward us?! Will one of

them (such as an illness, an accident, a heartache) take us out?

It may look as though some soldiers are going shoulder-to-shoulder with

their comrades. Others may appear to be among a few straggling survivors.

Several may even consider deserting.

Where do these soldiers get their encouragement to keep going? Does

God just give us a canteen, and say, “Good luck. Watch for snakes.”? What

about that field manual He has given us? (Which mentions snakes – false

prophets – by the way). And a Comforter (who does NOT desert us?)

As we keep trudging toward the top (which is so much more glorious, than

what we’ll see in the world, at the bottom of the hill), let us remember to

pray. Yes, for ourselves… but also for fellow soldiers...and those who have

not yet enlisted. And especially for new recruits, who are encountering

spiritual warfare (and friends and family who do not seem enthused about

their uphill battle.) Onward, valiant soldiers !


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